Police Doggos That Amtrak Your Scent

CT Amtrak_NATO_16.JPG

I already wrote about police doggos and if they could smell pills or not, but I recently found a note in my phone from Oct 4th, written in a Xanax haze after boarding an Amtrak train that goes:

“Did I make this up or did the police dog make a whimper noise when I walked by him to get on the train and the guy checking tickets said ‘wait’ before I went down the escalator and looked at something to the left and said ‘Ok now you can go’ like did the beeper say ‘Drugs not bombs’ or something?”

… First, “Drugs not bombs” would be a pretty good campaign slogan in the future for Bernie Sanders’ great-grandson but I’m pretty sure that was my mind’s way of ripping off that saying: “Drop acid not bombs” and that doesn’t really apply here.

Second, I DO remember hearing the police dog make a noise, and the guy who had already checked my ticket definitely looked at something for confirmation to let me go – and may have also looked at the cop holding the doggo but I don’t know because I was too scared to make eye contact…

Mostly I’m wondering if every time that the cops have made the decision NOT to stop me after a K9 agent rudely announced my smell (of weed or my pills/powder du jour) — this was because I smelled like drugs and not Anthrax? Whatever it is, I’m not complaining, I’m just hoping that the drug dogs we are all so afraid of (and I see everywhere) are usually just bomb dogs.

They were all over Penn Station, but I’d much rather see a German Shepard than this:

cop w gun Penn Station Nov '15

Which is just unnecessary. And, although being arrested next to a dog that might be ordered to attack you would be scary, by far THE funniest way to get arrested would be by horse cop, which led to me finding this beautiful image:

horse cop LOL



Can Doggo Police Smell Pills?

doggo police .jpg

Earlier this evening I was enjoying a nice walk that SHOULD HAVE been relaxing : it was right by the water and my Xanax was just starting to kick in, when I sat down on a bench to collect myself for a few minutes. All of a sudden a police cruiser pulls over, parallel to the bench I’m on, and this pig is just sitting there like he’s stuck in the mud, watching. So I let a few more songs play in my headphones as slight paranoia began to set in, and then thought – WTF am I worrying for since I left my dank ass stank ass weed in the car?

I then remember the half bottle of prescription drugs in my purse for which I have no prescription, and I start to wonder: are drug dogs being trained to smell Xanax and such now?

I searched this concept: Reddit had some thoughts, and a lot of google searches pulled up message boards basically saying that while drug dogs (aka the only non-hateable cops) CAN be trained to sniff out your pretty little pills – they probably don’t. Or at least only do because the cop motions them to bark if you seem sketchy / non-white. What a shitty world we live in. (… Partly why Xanax is so fucking necessary).

Once I started walking away, the cop car moved, too, so I hope his dogs at least get a treat for alerting him to such a criminal as myself. It’s not their fault their owners are dicks.