Wino Forever

Wino forever

Winona Ryder is the true representation of a glam movie star in this day and age: the quaalude / barbiturate addiction she would’ve had if she had actually lived in the “Girl, Interrupted” 1960s is, in 2017-  Xanax / and whatever designer benzos that spray-tanned Hollywood docs are placing in Wino’s shaky, pale hands so she can sedate herself enough for one or two interviews a year plugging her show. (“Stranger Things”, if you’ve been living under a rock).

Things HAVE been stranger for Ms. Ryder in the past, like her iconic arrest where she was caught with stolen clothes and pills on pills on pills. But the druggie part of that incident has been forgotten about since they were all legally prescribed, and no one seems to mind that she does her, like, two yearly interviews seemingly strung out like a pull-apart chunk of Xanax string cheese. Benzodiazecheese.

Courtney Love claims Winona ‘ruined’ her sobriety by offering her benzos at a Hollywood party, and I believe Courtney. Not that she was ever seriously trying sobriety, of course, but that Wino WOULD stockpile chill pills to hand out to her Hollywood hos, even after run-ins with the law. Because she’s a bad bitch and rules (including that one has to age) do not seem to apply to Ms. Winona Ryder.



Xans, man


Starting off this blog calling out my fellow millennials for being too barred out !!! Y’all are popping like 10 xans at a time and gonna be blaming your future life failures on Bernie not getting the nomination instead of a crazy tolerance to benzos that leaves you falling asleep on mom’s couch until you’re 35 and/or dead in the tub as you Instagram your Lush bath bomb and accidentally sink to the bottom just like the damn soap

Like really. MY XANAX DEALER HAS A WAITING LIST and I just fucking need them for comedowns after I’ve been (kinda) productive !!