This Week’s Cokehead of Yore: Elton John


I came across this Elton John quote in a Vanity Fair article about John Galliano (after Galliano said a bunch of awful slurs while drunk and pilled out.. or something) that made me think ELTON JOHN deserved his own Cokehead Moment of Remembrance.

The writer says, “I was talking to Elton John, who has been sober for 23 years, about Galliano, and he said, “I still hear stories from the people who had to put up with me when I was an addict. I’d been up for days on a bender in a London hotel during the worst of my days. I was trying to get some sleep, but couldn’t because it was so windy outside. I phoned my office and told them to call the meteorological office to demand they turn the wind down now! And I was serious.”

This just proves that too much coke AND too much Elton John can make you crazy. I don’t want to even think about getting zooted and having Rocket Man come on since that song unfortunately makes me think of dogs ‘red rockets’ for some reason and also it’s really fucking annoying.

Though I did like when Elton told Lily Allen “I could snort you under the table” so I  wish he wasn’t such a stuffy old bitch when it comes to drugs — I’m guessing he kicks out openly drugged up guests at his infamous parties but maybe that’s not true???


Author: chiawallace

I do drugs and have frizzy hair

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