Nitrous ROCKSide!

dog-teethLike any “normal person” I dread going to the dentist and avoid it for, uh, YEARS – going only when I have to have three fucking cavities filled like this past Tuesday.

And even though the beginning was shitty- I had the only good idea of my entire life and decide to ask my dentist outright for laughing gas since it always helps with the pain. She was happy to oblige (which I always think is funny – like ‘Sure, hold still while I silently gas you for three hours as you start to wiggle like an earthworm under our creepy fluorescent lights”) but then things got goooood.

HOOO BUDDY all of a sudden I was so relaxed that I did not give a single fuck that people were drilling into my face and it made the rest of those hours actually, like, fun! And the best part was that this was nothing like my last time huffin’ some nitrous when I had my wisdom teeth out and everyone’s voices turned into Alvin and the Chipmunks while I spun into the center of the universe and watched the beginning of time. This might sound fun but was too freaky to be enjoyable (and I’ve done acid loads of times and never really had a bad trip so I am not prone to that nonsense) – but was still a fascinating experience.

Anyway, this recent dental trip restored my appreciation for gas so much that I sat in the chair thinking about suffering through a Phish concert just so I could find nitrous balloons….





Author: chiawallace

I do drugs and have frizzy hair

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