sPILLing my thoughts

pill-candyA random page from my notebook tells me (and now you) the following:

  • Adderall tastes sweet like the powder of broken candy hearts
  • Klonopin has a slight burn like your nose sipped its tea when it was too hot
  • Percs are a green sand, crushed finely from a razor-cut mountain or stuffed into a straw and gnawed on by teeth sharpened by the knives of addiction
  • Ritalin is bitter. Like it is Adderall’s kid brother that is overshadowed and underrated and is the actual powder of Old Spice deodorant.

Today* (yesterday) I believe we did all of these in the course of a LONG day/night – like a salad of mixed greens… and whites.. and whatever other colors

*Today meaning about a month ago, cuz DAMN if I don’t wish I had all these right now, too




Author: chiawallace

I do drugs and have frizzy hair https://twitter.com/ChiaWallace

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